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output device

Computer Output Devices

Computer Output Devices

Output Device
Output hardware consists of external devices that transfer information from the computer's CPU to the computer user. A video display, or screen, converts information generated by the computer into visual information.

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Displays commonly take one of two forms: a video screen with a cathode ray tube (CRT) or a video screen with a liquid crystal display (LCD).

A CRT-based screen, or monitor, looks similar to a television set. Information from the CPU is displayed using a beam of electrons that scans a phosphorescent surface that emits light and creates images.

Flat Panel or LCD
An LCD-based screen displays visual information on a flatter and smaller screen than a CRT-based video monitor. LCDs are frequently used in laptop computers.

Printers take text and image from a computer and print them on paper. Dot-matrix printers use tiny wires to impact upon an inked ribbon to form characters. Laser printers employ beams of light to draw images on a drum that then picks up fine black particles called toner. The toner is fused to a page to produce an image. Inkjet printers fire droplets of ink onto a page to form characters and pictures.

Ahh... Gamers can not ignore this category. However, we'll talk about that in later time.

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