Monday, April 19, 2010

computer hardware

What are Computer Hardwares?

Hardware (computer) components, equipments involved in the function of a computer. Computer hardware consists of the components that can be physically handled. The function of these components is typically divided into three main categories: input, output, and storage.

Components in these categories connect to microprocessors, specifically, the computer's central processing unit (CPU), the electronic circuitry that provides the computational ability and control of the computer, via wires or circuitry called a bus.

Software, on the other hand, is the set of instructions a computer uses to manipulate data, such as a word-processing program or a video game. These programs are usually stored and transferred via the computer's hardware to and from the CPU.

Software also governs how the hardware is utilized; for example, how information is retrieved from a storage device. The interaction between the input and output hardware is controlled by software called the Basic Input Output System software (BIOS).

Although microprocessors are still technically considered to be hardware, portions of their function are also associated with computer software. Since microprocessors have both hardware and software aspects they are therefore often referred to as firmware.


That's it. That's basic components of computer hardwares. You can review deeper dreakdowns for each categories by clicking on categories and subcategories on your right hand side. We subdivided each categories as follows.

Input Devices

Output Devices

Storage Devices

Hardware Connections
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